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Colonic hydrotherapy offered at The Colon Clinic – Only qualified nurses and colonic hydro therapists with years of experience administer the therapies at The Colon Clinic. Our staff are extremely skilled and trained in all aspects of the colon and colonic hydrotherapy. When you select The Colon Clinic, you are choosing one of the most experienced providers of colonic hydrotherapy in Johannesburg and surrounds. Our Colon Hydro Therapists are qualified Hydro Therapists and we have highly qualified Nursing staff offering years of experience administering colon hydrotherapy. 

Hygiene is of paramount importance to us. We guarantee the best sanitation and hygiene standards in Colon Hydrotherapy. We take special care in our room preparation before and after every treatment. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer our clients more than just treatment, we offer service and promise our continued commitment to your health.


Safe, sensitive and discreet.

Colon Hydrotherapy aims to rehabilitate and rehydrate your body by naturally and gently flushing out waste, toxins, mucous and parasites. Filtered warm water is introduced via the rectum using closed circuit gravitational pressure. There is no danger whatsoever of bowel perforation and all equipment is either disposable or sterilised ensuring no contamination of viruses, bacteria or fungi. The whole process takes between 45 -60 minutes and the modesty of the patient is preserved to the utmost during the session. Unlike the regular use of laxatives, Colon Hydrotherapy is not habit forming and improves the muscle tone of the colon.

You’ll feel great again

A good colon detox should heal, soothe, repair, and detoxify. With the safe removal of their toxin overload, most people immediately experience improved mental clarity, a feeling of well-being, lightness and energy, and obvious relief from bloating and constipation. Long term, with restoration and improvement of gut bacteria, bowel disease is diminished and, due to improved absorption of nutrients, all-round health is improved. If you have been feeling stressed, fatigued, lethargic or if you suffer from health issues such as IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Leaky Gut Syndrome, Food sensitivities, Indigestion, Bloating/flatulence, Constipation, Candida/other yeast infections, Aches and pains, Acne/rashes/skin irritations and/or allergies/sinusitis, We can help!

Symptoms of an unhealthy colon

  • Constipation
  • Bloating or swelling
  • Diarrhoea & Haemorrhoids
  • Back ache
  • Dehydration
  • Allergies
  • Insomnia
  • Toxaemia
  • Fatigue
  • Skin problems including acne
  • Parasites
  • Weight control

Why don’t you feel as good as you could?

Life today is faster, more demanding, time-deprived, and polluted. We subject our body and minds to prolonged physical and emotional stress, nutrient poor diets, chemical intervention and, for some, substance abuse. There’s little respite from our busy lives. We become stressed. We seldom, if ever, give our bodies time to replenish and heal. We fast track our “healing” by taking medication for every ailment and, over time, this toxic build up manifests in illness.

How the colon impacts on your health

The colon is our emotional seat. It’s the gut-brain connection where good health starts. The colon fulfils a number of vital functions; it completes the digestive process, it is responsible for the elimination of food and other waste and it is the major organ in the excretory system. A normal functioning colon is occupied by billions of healthy bacteria. These bacteria flourish in the intestinal tract – absorbing water soluble nutrients, synthesising vitamins and rallying against infections. In addition, to boost the immune system, the microbiotas send messages to the brain and help regulate metabolism and form colonies to combat obesity, heart disease, autoimmune disease, type 2 diabetes and many other illnesses. When the intestinal ecosystem is disturbed through stress, pollution, poor food and drink choices, pharma and recreational drug use, cigarettes, chemicals, antibiotics and hormones, the bowel ceases to function optimally. This results in a build-up of toxins, faecal matter, gas and mucus deposits, which prevent the colon from ridding the body of poisons. This in turn can cause many of the aforementioned illnesses and ailments.

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