Colon Hydrotherapy, also commonly known as Colonics or Colin Irrigation, has been an increasingly popular treatment for the prevention of disease, health management and to increase overall health and wellness. Colon Hydrotherapy improves the health of the colon by cleansing the colon of toxins, gas and waste. Before we can understand the importance and role of the colonic, we must first understand the vital function that the colon plays in our overall health.

The colon’s function is to regulate the removal of waste and toxins from our body. We eat, drink and subject our body to toxic substances everyday. Our colon is designed to extract various nutrients that it requires for our cells to function. When the body has extracted the nutrients that are needed, the remaining matter is flushed out of our system through the colon. In the world we live , we are exposed to processed foods, medications, pollution and other harmful toxins which means the colon not only eliminates unused waste but it also is responsible for removing dangerous toxins.

This also means that our environment and lifestyle choices affect the colon and can lead to stress on this vital organ. The truth is that our digestive system and the colon were never designed to process the toxins we now live with. There are many symptoms that are linked to the colon which can lead to disease and illness. Bad sleep, low energy, headaches, depression, constipation, bloating and weight gain are common symptoms of colon irregularities.

Colon Hydrotherapy addresses the problem through cleansing and opening up the waste removal pathways. The treatment uses water to irrigate, slowly and gently, in and out of the colon. The treatment is performed by trained and qualified hydro therapists in a safe, hygienic and professional environment. Following the treatment, patients often experience a renewed wellbeing and increased energy. Some patients have reported that they have experienced a weight loss benefit following a series of colonics.

Colon Hydrotherapy should principle therapy for those who are looking for options to treat detoxification, anti-aging, health care and vitality.

The Colon Clinic specialises in Colon Hydrotherapy and is focused on restoring regularity through a gentle, hygienic and proven approach. Contact us to today and speak to one of our qualified Hydro-Therapists to find out more about this incredible treatment and the benefits to your health.