Our Treatment Options

In addition to Colon Hydrotherapy, we offer several products and additional treatments to assist you on your path to improved health.

Nutritional guidance and assessments

Our therapists are well researched and highly knowledgeable on a wide range of nutritional approaches, and can guide you through the most suitable one for you. We will take into account your lifestyle and health issues, as well as any deficiencies, sensitivities and dietary restrictions you may have. We take a holistic approach and seek to eliminate the root cause of your gut health issues.


Together with leading homeopaths, pharmacists and supplement leaders, responsibly sourced both locally and abroad from the very finest institutes, The Colon Clinic stock tried and tested products designed especially for healing various gut issues. Our staff are constantly updated and trained on  the latest breakthroughs in  functional medicines for stomach health, detoxification, lifestyle changes and nutritional benefits.



We offer a variety of implants (also known as enemas) to aid with detoxification and improve your health. Implants are highly effective as absorption is better and faster. Our implants include:

Apple Cider Implants

Apple cider is a wonderful cleansing implant which helps with viral conditions and with clearing mucus from the body. It cleanses the colon, balances the pH and improves nasal congestion and asthma.

Coffee Implants

Coffee implants are powerful detoxifiers as their compounds stimulate the liver to produce Glutathione S-transferase. This robiotic reduces systemic toxicity by up to 600% by binding to the toxins and then removing them from your body along with the coffee.


Probiotic enemas flush out the colon and replenish the good bacteria that colonise this part of the digestive tract. They also improve the symptoms of a number of bowel disorders and long-term chronic conditions such as candida, colitis and IBS.

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